YAGM Mexico Group at the DIP event in April
The group finishing up Mexico orientation with a toast after closing worship
Graduation from Spanish school! It was also Casey's birthday so we celebrated with the tradition of "La mordida" where you take a bite from the cake before cutting it

Visiting the volunteers' worksites.  Here we are at one of Kristen's worksites which promotes sexual and reproductive education
View of Cuernavaca from Kristen's worksite

Another one of Kristen's worksites makes wheelchairs, and the employees are also in wheelchairs

The taught us some exercises that a past  YAGM volunteer had developed with them
Another volunteer, Meghan, will be working at a soup kitchen in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Cuernavaca.  This is a picture of the terribly contaminated water in this neighborhood.

Sarah, another volunteer, will be working at an alternative sort of school, called Caminando Unidos.  These are some pictures of their property, which reminded me a lot of my own elementary/middle school, the MN Waldorf School

A picture from the Tepozteco festival in Tepoztlan.

This is an archway that is erected during the festival at the entrance to the plaza of the main church.  The archway is made entirely of seeds and beans

The main church of Tepoztlan

"Tepoznieves" an ice cream shop in Tepoztlan  that is famous for it's wide selection of bizarre ice cream flavors.  Like peanut, or rose petal,
Jammin in Cuernavaca with the Celtic music group I've joined!  It's been so much fun!
My classically trained self is still quite reliant on sheet music unfortunately...

Independence day in Cuernavaca...I'm sure the celebration wouldn't have been complete without a mariachi band!
The set-up in front of the Ayuntamiento in Cuernavaca
The governor of Morelos doing the grito, VIVA MEXICO!

As the grito was ending, everyone started spraying foam everywhere.  Hence the somewhat crazed looks. Also, it rained a lot that night. Hence the rain jackets.

Singing our little hearts out at Karaoke!

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